Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist

Captain Paul Watson
Peter Jay Brown
CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST is a feature documentary that reveals the true 30-year odyssey of the most wanted environmentalist today, Captain Paul Watson, the cult hero of Animal Planet’s critically acclaimed “Whale Wars”. The founder of Greenpeace, Watson was eventually ousted from the organization for his uncompromising passion to protect the planet and his unconventional methodology. Free of bureaucracy and politics, Watson forged his own personal Armada, The Sea Shepherd Society, a small vigilante organization dedicated to protect the aquatic life of the planet at all costs.

“When Watson is separated from land, he tends to behave like Captain Nemo; if such rules interfere with his agenda, then, as far as he is concerned, rules be damned.” – Raffi Khatchadourian, The New Yorker

Reviews & Buzz

Marc Cleriot @ Courant d'R
"...I could not turn it off and when I reached the end I realized I would have enjoyed seeing some more of that stuff."

Indy Staff @ The Santa Barbara Independent
"Whether or not you agree with Watson’s 'aggressive nonviolence' tactics, it’s impossible not to applaud the results of his vigilante efforts."

Dennis Harvey @ Variety
"..this unusually antic activist docu should strike just about everyone else as a refreshing contrast to the usual bleak tenor of save-the-planet cinema."

Anath White uploaded by Roger Ebert @ Chicago Sun Times: Roger Ebert's Feature Blog
"Here he unfolds one unusual story in a provocative, informative, laugh out loud funny, agitprop style."